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Manola Aesthetics - Opatija, je stomatološka estetska ordinacija.

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We are special in many ways, and top quality is our main attribute. We are one of the few dental practices in Croatia, but also in the world where the owner, a dental technician, works on the entire tooth from the very beginning to the end.


Manola Aesthetics

Manola Aesthetics represents everything that “going to the dentist” otherwise would not be! Boring and intimidating visits will be replaced by a pleasant experience, a soothing environment and the professional approach of the Manola Aesthetics team.

We love this job! Our mission is to offer top quality care, the best comfort and service. We are dedicated to achieving excellent results, be it the design of a perfect smile, the reconstruction of the whole mouth or an aesthetic correction, all while providing a guarantee for all our works.

Enjoy your personalised visits and comprehensive dental care provided by top experts at Manola Aesthetics.

Hrvoje Manola

5 reasons to visit Manola Aesthetics


  • 01

    Manola Aesthetics is a state-of-the-art dental practice, we use only the best materials and the most contemporary technology in our laboratory to make new teeth. Precision is important to us, and we are proud of our handmade works that make your smile unique. Also, we will be happy to welcome you and make you feel comfortable during each visit.

  • 02

    You are in great hands! Once you meet our team, you’ll be happy to come back, and probably forget that you’ve ever had a feeling of discomfort about going to the dentist. Our staff is professional, in good mood and always have a smile on their face, and you can count on their friendly attitude and expertise.

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    pain, WHAT IS THAT?

    Thanks to their incredibly gentle and compassionate approach, the clinical staff can make even the most demanding patients feel fully at ease. If you are struggling with dentophobia, anxiety or a physical condition that makes going to the dentist painful, let us know and our doctors will provide the appropriate type of sedation to make you comfortable.

  • 04
    FORGET ABOUT waiting

    Imagine coming to the dentist's and waiting half an hour for your appointment. It may have never happened to you, and it may have happened many times, but you’ll agree that no one really likes it!
    There is no such thing as waiting at Manola Aesthetics – each patient has their own appointment time and never has to wait, and if you happen to come earlier, we will be happy to offer you refreshments. There is also a parking lot available next to our dental practice.

  • 05

    You have a million questions, Google is often your best friend, but you would still like the doctor’s opinion? Our team of experts approaches each client with special care and will answer any doubts, even after working hours. Whether it is an emergency or you have questions about the procedure, we are here to answer your questions, offer you advice and calm you down.

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Opatija, once a famous health resort, is one of the favourite tourist destinations in Croatia, both in winter and summer! Here you will enjoy green vegetation, sea and wonderful, clean air. With its sandy and pebble beaches, kilometres of promenades such as Lungomare and Carmen Sylva, plenty of fun and good food, the “old lady” will impress everyone.

See you in Opatija!

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