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My name is Hrvoje Manola. My passion for dental technology dates back to my youth, and my persistence and perseverance come from a successful sports career, thanks to which I learned to never give up on my dreams. This is how Manola Aesthetics came about – we have been around for more than 25 years and have thousands of satisfied patients.

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Despite many years of experience, even after 10,000 new smiles, I learn something new every day. I am inspired by new experiences and challenges, and I am proud to tackle those challenges with a smile at Manola Aesthetics.

As a representative for the German company, and a leading world company, VITA Zahnfabrik, which produces dental materials, it is important for me to stay informed and up to date with the newest technologies. Contact us and give your patients the most natural and quality smile.



We are dedicated to every detail in creating perfect smiles. In our laboratory I am personally dedicated to even the smallest details in order to ensure that each tooth is made just as we agreed with the patient.



We celebrate differences, and every work is unique and created especially for an individual patient. Our work does not look artificial. Just as natural teeth are unique to every person, we try to achieve that same uniqueness in our laboratory.
If you want your patients to be proud of their smile, Mano Lab is the place for you.



Mano Lab was established over 25 years ago, and we have “produced” over 10,000 smiles in our laboratory so far. We are one of the few dental practices in Croatia where the owner, a dental technician, work on each tooth from the very beginning to the end.

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“If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all”


Manolab is where expertise and dedication meet. Contact us, and your patients will be happy with their new smile.

Besides our expertise and dedication, we also make use of the most contemporary CAD/CAM 3D printing technology. This way, we can be extremely precise in our work, which is very important in dentistry.
Nothing in aesthetics can replace a qualified and experienced technician.

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Veneers are our passion. What we do best.
Our works are all handmade exclusively of feldspathic porcelain, and are the most beautiful thing that exists in aesthetic dentistry.


We always strive for perfection in our laboratory; this is why we choose the best materials. Using the ceramics enabled us to be proud of the final product which looks completely natural.


In our laboratory we use CAD/CAM technologies which enable us to bring the design of each individual tooth to perfection. Similar to architects, we are 100% precise and confident in our design before its execution.


Even the smallest details matter in Manola laboratory, so we pay great attention to them. Our task is to use those smallest details and make a product that will impress each patient.

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Renata Čutura


Hrvoje has an incredible sense of color, harmonious, complex and alive prosthetics.


Galip Gürel


I appreciate your work very much and would like to work at case with you at the first opportunity. I'll be in touch.


Željka Velnić Miculinić


Top quality materials, precision manufacturing prosthetics, great knowledge in the field of modern dental techniques, professionalism, impeccable aesthetics tied me with Manolab 6 years ago. I also want to emphasize the high aesthetics of ceramic works whether it is the frontal or lateral ceramics. Praise the whole team on the availabilty and beautiful multi-year collaboration. Iti s an honor to work with you.

Contact us for cooperation and give your patients the most natural and quality smile!



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