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At Manola Aesthetics we foster a personalised approach to all clients!
Each patient is unique, and with patience, extensive experience and practice of our expert team, we acknowledge only the best results.

Manola Aesthetics is a family story started by Hrvoje and Melita Manola after more than 20 years of successful work in dental and aesthetic medicine. A modern studio for aesthetic dentistry, implant dentistry and face aesthetics, Manola Aesthetics, is a place where natural smiles are designed and clients are satisfied. Our practice employs the best experts, such as our dentist Ana Frković, who, after completing the secondary education for a dental technician at the Medical Secondary School in Rijeka, earned a degree in Dental medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka in 2003. She earned her 17-year experience and knowledge by working in the best private polyclinics specialised in periodontics and implant dentistry working in all fields of dental medicine with an emphasis on aesthetic dentistry and periodontics.


She attends many courses and congresses in Croatia and abroad with a special interest and passion and gains new knowledge.


Just so it doesn’t look like we are bragging, visit us and see for yourself.


We do not accept mediocre work! Passion for everything that we do is what drives us forward. This is why we give 100% every day, because it fulfils us, and a happy client is the best result!


Some would say that if you are doing something for 25 years, you cannot be bad at it. Manola Aesthetics not only has over two decades of experience, but we have also brought our expertise to perfection, and added a couple of elements more – individual approach and friendly relationship with every client.


Love is essential in every good story! Our people really love their job, and even though it is sometimes challenging, they always manage to find a bright side and approach each problem with a smile, because smile is our speciality!


Expertise is our imperative! Experts at Manola Aesthetics have extensive knowledge, experience and have worked for many years in relevant health institutions. We use only the most contemporary equipment and the best materials.

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