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Cosmetic dentistry

Are your teeth too short? Are you dissatisfied with colour of your teeth? Does the gap between your teeth bother you? Aesthetic dental medicine is the answer to your troubles.

There are many different solutions to creating a perfect smile of yours.

The most popular are veneers, than crowns, bridges, implants, teeth whitening, aesthetic fillers and gingival aesthetics. The treatment depends on the condition the patient has and the patient’s wishes.


It takes creativity, competence and an excellent cooperation of the whole dental team to create the perfect smile.

Particular attention is paid to the preparation of the patient, the analysis of the bite, the dental status and the smile. To see the look of the future work, before we get started, we do the Mock Up, i.e. a sample of the future shape of teeth in the mouth.


At that occasion, the patient can see how he/she will look after aesthetic changes and whether he/she likes it at all. Then, the shape, size and position can be changed until we get the result that the patient wants.


Then we begin with the preparation of the tooth. The duration of the procedure is 10 to 20 days, depending on the treatment plan.


Cosmetic dentistry


Inlay/onlay/overlay are ceramic substitutes used instead of the regular composite filling. They are longer-lasting, stronger and aesthetically more acceptable. They are individually made in the laboratory and are cemented on the prepared tooth surface. Preparation is minimal, mostly of the same size as the defect.



Veneers provide sameness, naturalness and whiteness of the teeth without major interventions on the natural tooth. A veneer is a very thin substitute, which is attached to the existing tooth and provides strength and resilience comparable to the natural tooth enamel. With them, slight orthodontic shifts, chipped or fractured teeth, discoloration, wear and tear and gaps between the teeth can be restored. The materials from which they are made are ceramics or composites.


They can have a thickness of about 0.3 to 1.5 mm, which requires the preparation of the tooth enamel in the same amount. If the structure of the tooth and the space for the future veneer allow it, it is also possible to make a non-prep veneer, which means that the natural tooth is not drilled. The life span of a veneer mostly depends most on the condition of the natural tooth and regular checkups. The veneer preparation procedure itself is completely painless and the anesthesia is given depending on the sensitivity and wishes of the patient.


Smile design goes beyond aesthetic beautification of the tooth, because it also affects the mental state of the person. A nice smile improves the mood, the confidence and quality of life!


Periodontal aesthetics

After the functional treatment of teeth, aesthetics also plays an important role. Aesthetics of the teeth is achieved by the so-called red-white aesthetics. White aesthetics is the sameness and the naturalness of the teeth themselves, and the red is the evenness of the gum line. The perfect beauty of your smile is achieved by combining both aspects (white and red aesthetics).


Aesthetic treatments of the teeth include veneers (with or without tooth preparation), ceramic crowns, teeth whitening and sometimes orthodontic procedures. Gums are reshaped with gingivectomy. It is a painless procedure to remove excess gingiva (tooth gums). Veneers are ceramic shells which require minimal preparation. In some cases they can be attached without preparation.


They ensure top natural aesthetics because their minimal thickness allows them to adopt the properties of the natural tooth enamel.


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