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Endodontic procedures on the teeth include procedures in the root canal area.

Each tooth has a pulp chamber with root canals. Pulp consists of nerve, blood vessels and connective tissues. If extensive caries, chipped or broken tooth or infection inside the bone have occurred or if there has been some external stimuli, there is a possibility of pulp inflammation, i.e., pulpitis (nerve inflammation). Pulpitis symptoms are severe pain (especially at night, without stimulation), pain in chewing, pain in temperature change (warm, cold), swelling and occurrence of purulent fistula.

Whether the tooth has to undergo endodontic surgery, it is checked by examination of the mouth cavity, RVG imaging, testing the occurrence of pain to a cold stimulus and testing the elimination of pain with anaesthesia.


Endodontic therapy begins with removal of caries, removal of infected pulp tissue, and cleaning and widening the root canals. Once the pain is calmed, root canals are filled with permanently biocompatible material to prevent recurrence of bacterial infection. Defect in the tooth crown is closed by a filling or a ceramic replacement to prevent further tooth cracking.


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