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Preventive and restorative dentistry

Preventive dental treatments help to avoid milk and permanent teeth cavities, as well as gum diseases; gingivitis and periodontitis.


Preventive procedures include cleaning of tartar, polishing, sandblasting, fluoridation and fissure sealants.


Cleaning of tartar is performed with ultrasonic instruments. The procedure is painless and harmless to both dental tissue and gums. After the tartar has been removed, the tooth surface is polished or sandblasted.


Fluoridation is most commonly used in children, but also in adults who are more susceptible to caries. The fluoridation in the clinic is topical, the teeth are applied with a high fluoride gel to be incorporated into the tooth structure.


Fissure sealants are plastic coatings applied to deep back teeth fissures to prevent accumulation of plaque, facilitate brushing and prevent cavities.


If there is a loss of hard dental tissue due to caries, abrasion, erosion or fracture, it can be replaced by restorative interventions. Restorative procedures are fillings.


Fillings (white inlays) are exclusively aesthetical and resemble the natural colour and appearance of the tooth. They are micromechanically tied to the very tooth structure and can be used in all positions and surfaces without the risk of harm to health or aesthetics.


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